Ontario Toyota Dealer's Association
Working with this client extensively for a long period of time, I helped establish the look and feel, and set the animation style, for the Ontario Toyota Dealer's Association (OTDA) advertisments on the web. This involved setting a universal style for all, then creating unique animations for each different campaign. These are just a few of the many different banners I made for this client.

If you're unable to view the banner ads you might want to turn Adblock off.

360 Interior & Exterior Units

The idea to create web units that could display a 360 degree view of both the interior and exterior of a Toyota vehicle excited us from a techinal standpoint. We dictated how the images needed to be shot and formatted, and we built the app using vue.js and three.js.

Red Tag Days

These were a fun set of banenrs to work on. The idea of falling tags, almost confetti style, was put out in there and it was my job to make it happen. They had to be fun but still not too distracting from the banner itself. It was an intersting challenge to get it right for each frame where there's different amount of text to read. The team and I were also happy with the color swipe effect on the cars at the end of the banner.

Boxing Week

Wanting to leverage our rich media units more, I set about redesigning the voken and making it into a more eye-catching gallery of vehicles. We wanted to really show the lineup of cars, so I had them peaking out on each side of the gallery, then bursting into the center. It also had some interesting techinal challanges to solve dealing with the frames that didn't have cars and including the pen animation.

2018 Camry Reveal